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Sign up to be a House of Lebanon member today

  • Associates Member: Individual - $25

    • An Associate Member is eligible to vote, make motions, and may participate in discussions and activities but can not serve as an officer of the House.


  • Any person of Lebanese heritage who demonstrates positive moral and ethical integrity.

  • Any person of any ancestral lineage who believes in the principles of liberty and equality among all races, nations, and ethnic groups.

  • Any person who is in mutual agreement and understanding with the objectives and goals of the House of Lebanon.

Membership Conditions:

  • Members shall abide by the laws of the United States of America.

  • Each member shall be loyal, show active interest, and positively support the House of Lebanon.

  • Each member shall abide by the current Bylaws of the House of Lebanon, the Bylaws of the House of Pacific Relations, and the rules of the current Preferential, Nonexclusive Use and Occupancy Permit of the City of San Diego and local, State, and Federal Laws.

Membership Dues:

Dues will normally cover from July to June. New members pay their dues when sworn in or introduced to the House membership. Any interim dues owed will be administered according to the House of Lebanon membership policy.

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